Why I started Streaming for a Living

Wed 24th Jun 2015 - 2:39am : Blog

Okay so I don’t live in the Caribbean and travel, but I definitely changed up my entire life plan on a whim really.

I graduated high school high in my class, with honors and so many ap courses under my belt I could barely breathe. I was so set on going to college that’s all I saw myself doing. My senior year I didn’t even spend in high school, I went to Ashland University FULL time through a post secondary program.

My Freshman year of college I was a sophomore, I didn’t have many friends from my school because I was so indulged in my work, I simply didn’t have the time. I’d worked since I was sixteen, I quit my job at McDonalds right after my senior year and got a job at Buffalo Wild Wings. I had classes from 8 am-3 pm and then I worked almost every school night 5-10. Bdubs was right across the street from my school so after my last class I would go to the library and do my work that I needed to type and print stuff for. Then I would head over to bdubs around 4 and eat some celery and carrots because I didn’t want to eat bdubs food all day, I felt I needed something nutritious. And I would start work around 4:30 even though I wasn’t scheduled until 5. Then getting off at ten on most nights really means 11 or 12 because you know how the restaurant business is. I made decent money, but I killed myself doing it. I would get home around 1 am every night and then be out of the house by 7 am the next morning since I was a commuter. Most of my Saturdays were filled with 12 hour shifts and then I would take Sundays off, maybe go to church, usually sleep and then maybe catch a movie with Dakota.

It was insanely tiring and looking back I don’t know how I did it for 2 years. One day I just woke up and looked at Dakota and said I just don’t want to do this anymore. What’s the point? I’m working my ass off for a job I don’t even think I’m going to want by the time I’m done with school. I was going for Psychology with a minor in business management and let me tell you. Those aren’t the easiest majors in the world. On top of that I hated my university. It just wasn’t my style. I didn’t fit in with the privileged private christian college rich kid. When we would have group study stuff and the would want to meet up at bdubs around 6 for drinks and to go over presentations and I explained that I had to work there at that time I would literally get the stupidest looks from people. And the response “you work on school days.” Like yeah sorry my parents aren’t rich or like the owners of a business where they could get me a 12 dollar an hour job on Saturdays and sundays only.

To be honest, I loved my job at bdubs. I loved the environment and the people, but it just wasn’t the life I wanted. Then when Dakota talked to his boss and I realized we could spend 24 hours a day together working from home, I couldn’t miss the opportunity. Now, I don’t make the same amount of money, but I don’t spend nearly as much in gas and food either. Plus I am so much happier. My family doesn’t quite understand, but they’re glad I’m happy and doing something I am passionate about so all in all this worked out for the better even though it was scary at first and its definitely not traditional.

Dakota and I have always spent a TON of time together, so while most of you are cringing at the 24 hour thing I am practically dancing with happiness. Our relationship is the best it has ever been and I feel happier, healthier and just more where I belong than ever.




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