Why I started Streaming for a Living pt.2

Wed 24th Jun 2015 - 2:42am : Blog

Now call me crazy, but I wouldn’t go waste 5,000-6,000 dollars on just anything. Especially if I wasn’t ONE HUNDRED PERCENT SURE that is it what I wanted. I mean, I can’t even go to the store and blow fifty dollars without being SURE that I want/need that item. Not because I can’t afford it, but because I just don’t like to waste money. I thought I would LOVE college, but I didn’t. I had to fight myself to go to class and do my homework and that just wasn’t like me. I started missing classes to go to work instead. I just HATED school. I know who doesn’t hate school right? Wrong. I loved school in high school not because of the social interaction, but because I truly loved learning. I had SUCH a passion for psychology and I couldn’t wait to go to college and learn all about it, but once I was there I started to resent the human brain and all of my classes. I didn’t want to go learn, I didn’t want to wake up, and I just didn’t feel like myself. So I finished my semester, barely, and decided that was it. I wasn’t going to torture myself any more. I was DONE with school. At least for the time being. I started paying on my 6,000 dollar loans and I don’t feel bad about that. My school loans don’t make me want to cry. They’re manageable because I’m doing what I LOVE to do and I’m make money at it. I do not regret going to school. I got my first year for free because I did it my senior year of high school. I paid for my sophomore year and had about 35,000 in scholarships and that 6,000 felt like nothing, but I just didn’t like it.

Now I could definitely see myself going back; I am honestly not even that far from my degree. Actually, I am a little over halfway through and I am happy I got the classes I did out of the way. Aside from my journalism class, all of my classes were requirements and they will transfer just about anywhere since it was a private university. All-in-all, I still don’t regret pursing this dream. I am so THANKFUL for my parents, my fiance, and my future-in-laws because without them, especially without Dakota I don’t think I could be where I am today. Dakota made me really think about whether or not I really wanted to make this decision. He didn’t just let me rush into it and he made me finish out my semester which I don’t think I can thank him enough for because looking back that would be the only thing I would have regretted about all of this. My parents are amazing for letting me stay with them because seriously I don’t know how I could afford to live like I do if I also had to pay for an apartment. For them to allow Dakota and me to stay with them and avoid renting completely is so generous and I don’t thank them enough. They deal with a lot from me and I know they were NOT happy when I decided to stop going to college, but they didn’t kick me out. They chose to understand and support me as they always have.

I also got the opportunity to fully watch my brother grow. I’ve seen him start high school, go through his first big heart-break, get his drivers permit, and I’ve been able to be here for him. Even if we may fight I know that these years are crucial to him and I am extremely happy I was given the opportunity to deepen my bond with him.




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