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  • Tue 30th Jun 2015 - 3:53am

    WHO: Babbylegs, 25 years old, mature.

    (The short)I will help you obtain sponsors.

    (The long) I have just shy of 8 years of experience in eSports marketing, working for numerous organizations including about 10 gaming leagues, a few gaming teams, LAN events, along with some local sports marketing. I am college educated, currently in pursuit of a Master's degree, and highly tactful. I can help with general marketing as needed, though my main desire is to either manage a small team or be an integral part of an established team in leveraging sponsors.

    Florida, USA. Able to travel with reasonable notification.

    WHEN: Available immediately

    WHY: I'm a gamer myself and want to associate myself with greatness. Your team. I want to see the eSports world grow. Additionally, I like challenging myself mentally. Doing this for you will provide all that.

    Contact me via PM, or....
    Skype: flashpoint145

  • Thu 2nd Jul 2015 - 4:13am

    Thank you Babbylegs for appplying,


    We are reviewing your application as we speak and I want to personally apologize on NvR's behalf because I am usually the one handling this but since it is being done through these forums they are still in early beta so it is difficult to see these hidden in sub forums. I will come up with a better way to sort and make sure  I see them but in the mean time let me review everything.

    I want to get into contact with you and some others on the Staff to discuss where we would find you viable and what you feel comfortable enough to take on. I will add you on skype and steam.

    Thank you again for applying and we hope to be speaking with you soon!


    NvR Staff

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